Catholic Education Melbourne Enterprise Agreement

Catholic Education Melbourne Enterprise Agreement

The IEU has formally called for an independent review of national funding schemes that help all children access quality education in the year prior to full-time schooling. Refugee and asylum-seeker children now have better access to early childhood education in Queensland… The re-election of a coalition government is a continuation of the policy to date, including the future of the early childhood education sector. Members of the nine independent Christian schools, which are insured in a new agreement for support staff, voted in favour of the agreement and secured a 13% increase in the minimum wage over four years. AIS is stalled Negotiations – the AIS informed the union this week that it had no plans to meet again with the union by November and it is not certain that new enterprise agreements are being negotiated. There are a number of changes in funding for early childhood education and care that will have a significant impact on the sector. In late December, the Fair Work Commission approved two new enterprise agreements that will apply to teachers in nearly 50 NSW Christian schools. Teachers and facilitators of Catholic schools rejected an enterprise agreement (EA) that was not approved by the EU in a vote declared yesterday. The Independent Education Union of Australia (IEUA) NSW/ACT Branch welcomes today`s news on the laboratories` commitment to making the largest investment in NSW`s history in early childhood education. The union is close to entering into new Enterprise Agreements (EAS) that will apply to workers in NSW and ACT Catholic schools. The union has conducted important negotiations with the Catholic Industrial Relations Commission, and we are now in a position to approve, in late October or early November, a new enterprise agreement NSW and ACT Catholic Systemic Systemic Enterprise Agreement 2020 for their vote by workers. Celebrate Education Assistance Staff Day in your school on June 14th! The IEU and the New Zealand Education Union (NZEI TE RIU ROA) have teamed up for this important annual event.

In unprecedented action, Catholic employers distributed an enterprise agreement offered to teachers and collaborators in the 11 dioceses. Never before, anywhere in the country, had they proposed an agreement that was not approved by the Union. Learn about the progress of agreements in Catholic and NSW Christian schools. At this stage, early education and reception centres as well as municipal pre-school schools will remain open. Like the closure of schools, this issue is under ongoing review. We expect this issue to be discussed again at Friday`s COAG meeting. After constructive discussions between the union and the CCER, the union wrote to the diocese`s directors about the creation of a new enterprise agreement for teachers and support staff in Catholic system schools. The union was informed in September by the AIS that schools did not want to enter into new enterprise agreements for 2021 and that wage increases in 2021, if any, would be set under a school discretion. The AIS proposed that the IEU representatives discuss with their principal/head of the school the proposal to increase staff in their school.

Higher education is in crisis, and the federal government is now deciding to radically restructure funding for our universities – to reduce per-student funding and to undermine the critical research and education on which our country relies.

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